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Historietas de la Liga del Bienestar

Title translated into English

Wellbeing League Stories

Other Medium

comic books

Product description

The Wellness League cartoon is a pdf, which used the characters to remember important topics such as: Implement 5's in your workplace, the 4 mental states in which accidents are caused, the 4 critical errors that can contribute to that a task is not properly executed, Covid-19 prevention protocol, among others. There is also an outlined version with a white background so that the children of collaborators can download, print and paint.

Aims and objectives

Motivate employees to influence their families, since this is the fundamental axis of society.


Target audience

Other (please specify) : Émployees

Contact details Editor / Production company

Cementos Progreso S.A.
Diagonal 6, 10 - 01 Zona 10, Centro Gerencial Las Margaritas, Torre 2, Nivel 19. - , Guatemala-01010 GUATEMALA
+50279528000 - +50255104725