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HSSEQ4U - Die ganze HSE-Welt auf einer Plattform

Title translated into English

SSHEQ4U - the whole SHE-World on one website

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Product description

HSSEQ4U is a web-based portal that provides interactive solutions / informations for health, safety, sustainability, environment, and quality management systems. The platform offers a range of services, including professional forums for dialouge und best practise sharing as well as job & carrer options, trainings & further education offers and a market place, where all kinds of SHE-News can be published. The portal is designed to help organizations to meet their regulatory and compliance obligations, as well as improve their overall management system's effectiveness and efficiency. The platform is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor the system to their specific needs and requirements. In summary, HSSEQ4U is a comprehensive solution for health, safety, sustainability, environment, and quality Experts and those who provide HSSEQ-Needs. Its user-friendly interface, customizable features, and comprehensive services make it an ideal tool for everyone looking to streamline their HSE-management and improve their HSE-performance.

Aims and objectives

We want to create a community that brings all HSSEQ-Actors together. We want to provide interactive, interdisciplinary dialouge. We want everyone to participate on best practise sharing in HSE matters. One tool, one information platform - the whole HSE world on one website. (APP coming soon). Because occupational health & safety and sustainability in environmatenal & climate protection are not independent of each other. Empowerments for people & the environment are more importent than ever. It's 4U You and for ALL of us.

Target audience

Supervisors and managers, OSH specialists


none - we are brand new

Contact details Editor / Production company

proRIS Consultants GmbH
Mainaustr. 6 - Postfach 840148 , Germany-51063 Cologne
+49 221 29190700