Primary Connect - Operation Santa & 1Life

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Primary Connect - Operation Santa & 1Life

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2:08 minutes

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During Christmas, the busiest period in Primary Connect, we developed animations and showcased them on our digital LDC screens in our distribution centres to deliver key safety messages in an engaging way.

Aims and objectives

The purpose of the animations was to reinforce key messages to keep our teams safe, both physically and mentally as they deal with higher volumes than usual. We tied in our safety movement - 1Life and the six lifelines we drive with our team members. The goal of the animations was to keep incidents down and keep our team members thinking, acting and working safely. We also wanted to remind team members that Sonder, our partnership wellbeing service, is here to help 24/7 if they're feeling financial pressures, struggling with their mental wellbeing or want some extra security when travelling over Christmas.

Target audience

Other (please specify) : Supply Chain team members (warehouse and logistics)

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Primary Connect
1 Woolworths Way, Australia-2153 Norwest

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Red Jelly
34-36 Elizabeth St, Australia-7001 Hobart
+61 3 6237 2700