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The Common Sensei - Visions - Episode 1

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The Common Sensei - Visions - Episode 1

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This video is a new piece of content developed in March 2023 in a style that has evolved from the original content, which is more relevant for Instagram Reels. In this series the Common Sensei has a vision of an apprentice using a circular saw without eye protection. This is where we use stunt dummy to show comically lo-fi workplace accidents. As we see the accident we hear the Common Sensei say a proverb about it. Common sense is a skill that all must learn in order to become master of their trade. But how can a young apprentice grasshopper acquire the knowledge of the sacred sense? Through the teachings of the Common Sensei. The Common Sensei is a mythical master of the worksite who appears when danger is near - giving young workers the wisdom of 1000 toolbox talks and the ability to use their head when they’re doing something risky. Our goal is to inspire young apprentices & tradies to be safe on work sites by demonstrating the dangers of what might happen if they don't follow safety protocol through a series of attention grabbing, entertaining videos.

Aims and objectives

The program's long-term objective is to affect behavioural change on building sites throughout NSW and reduce all levels of workplace accident and injury over time. This initiative creates awareness of the issues and behaviours contributing to injuries on-site. The initiative is underpinned by a proven behaviour change methodology developed by key collaborators on the project, The Shannon Company; a specialist behaviour change communications organisation with a 30 year track record of encouraging individuals, families and communities to change their behaviour 'willingly and for good'. This initiative is underpinned by a significant research phase, behaviour change strategy, creative and social media communication strategy. The initiative uses Instagram primarily, to deliver targeted safety videos and messages to young workers, led by ‘The Common Sensei’. The Common Sensei is a character that embodies an apprentice’s common sense on the worksite, and appears whenever danger is near. There were a number of hazards and challenges uncovered by the research which have been incorporated into the development of the communications strategy and ideas underpinning ‘The Common Sensei’. Firstly, the construction industry has significantly higher physical injury claims when compared to other industry sectors. This is particularly true for young workers, with 45 per cent of annual injury claims from young workers aged 19 to 32, according to iCare data. HIA found the following five injury types are important for improving the safety of young workers in the residential construction industry: a. Lacerations b. Puncture wounds c. Sprains and strains d. Falls from a height e. Trips and slips resulting from environmental agencies

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Young workers

Social Media Education Program

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Housing Industry Association (HIA) and icare
4 Byfield St, Australia-2113 Macquarie Park