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ErgoMine is a free ergonomics audit tool designed specifically for mining. It includes audits for bagging, haul truck, and maintenance and repair operations at surface mining and processing facilities. Based on your responses to the audit questions, ErgoMine provides recommendations when there is an opportunity for ergonomics improvement. Once you have completed an audit, you can review the recommendations on your mobile device or you can email the recommendations to the recipients of your choice.

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Most mine workers can conduct ergonomics audits reliably with a well-designed audit tool.  The audit can be even more thorough than one conducted by an expert practitioner with respect to identifying ergonomics deficiencies in the workplace. ErgoMine can benefit your mine site by allowing workers without formal ergonomics training to identify issues and mitigate risks. You can also use ErgoMine to conduct audits before and after you make changes to the work environment to determine the impact on the workplace.


In order to create the ErgoMine app, a team of researchers developed and tested ergonomics and safety audits for small and bulk bag filling, haul truck and maintenance and repair operations in coal preparation and mineral processing plants found at surface mine sites. The content for the audits was derived from diverse sources of information on ergonomics and safety deficiencies including: analysis of injury, illness and fatality data and reports; task analysis; empirical laboratory studies of particular tasks; field studies and observations at mine sites; and maintenance records. These diverse sources of information were utilised to establish construct validity of the modular audits that were developed for use by mine safety personnel. User and interrater reliability testing was carried out prior to finalising the audits.

To date, users have downloaded the app more than 500 times from the Google Play Store, and the app enjoys a 4.5 average lifetime rating. Through the app, users have received nearly 5,100 recommendations on how to improve their workplace with regard to ergonomics, slip, trip, and fall risk, and other occupational hazards.

The journal article supporting the science behind ErgoMine won the 2018 International Ergonomics Association/Liberty Mutual Medal.

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Mine workers/mine safety professionals


2018 International Ergonomics Association/Liberty Mutual Medal

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