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Es soll immer gut ausgehen

Title translated into English

It should turn out all right

Film: Duration in minutes

3:08 minutes


Everyday accident risks are highlighted in a music video clip. The sources of danger are identified and eliminated with simple means.


-Act safely, stay healthy.
-Be careful and prudent in your (business) everyday life.
-Avoid and eliminate sources of danger.
-Protect yourself with Personal Protective Equipment.


The topic of occupational safety is not always attractive. The aim is to motivate safety-conscious behaviour in an entertaining way.

Target Group

General public

Contact details Editor

Hermann-Milde-Straße 1, de-53129 Bonn
+49 228 5406-5815 - +49 173 578 5035

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baeumler film+tv
Finkenweg 3, Deutschland-95680 Bad Alexandersbad
+49 9232 / 881 882