Fernie Memorial Arena Incident Animation

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Fernie Memorial Arena Incident Animation

Film: Duration in minutes

6:06 minutes


This video summarizes an incident  at a Fernie arena where workers were fatally injured while performing maintenance on the ice plant. It explains the cause of the incident and animates the events that lead up to a release of ammonia gas. In conjunction with this video, there is a link to the redacted investigation report online.


Ammonia is a toxic and corrosive gas that is commonly used as a refrigerant in recreational facilities such as skating or hockey arenas and curling rinks. Exposure to ammonia can cause injuries, respiratory distress, unconsciousness, or death. In high concentrations, ammonia is a fire and explosion hazard.


As the regulator for occupational health and safety in B.C., WorkSafeBC is mandated by legislation to investigate workplace incidents. This video demonstrates the findings of an incident investigation where a release of ammonia gas fatally injured three workers. The purpose of the video is to inform viewers of the report so that similar incidents can be prevented from happening in the future.

Target Group

Employers, workers and associations in industries where ammonia is used in a refrigeration system.

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6951 Westminster Hwy, ca-V7C 1C6 Richmond
+1-604-214-6778 https://www.worksafebc.com