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Fit for Work - Wade Brunt's Story

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Fit for Work - Wade Brunt's Story

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4 minutes 26 seconds minutes


This video tells the story of Wade Brunt, a forestry worker who moved off the chainsaws into the cab of a machine. This improved his safety but led to him gaining considerable weight. This is a common experience for many forestry workers who made this transition. The video tells first hand Wade's story of realising he had a problem and doing something about it. He then began to help others in forestry improve their health and wellbeing. This story focuses on the health of New Zealand's indigenous people, Maori, working in forestry. It shows how a community based approach can work well in indigenous communities, and also the impact that personal leadership can have on others.


At one level the message of this video is the need to recognise the health implications of the way work is done, including changes made to improve safety. However, it also has a strong message about the impact of personal leadership - how one person can make a difference in health and safety. The video focuses on New Zealand's indigenous people, Maori, who are strongly represented and highlights how a community based approach can work well in indigenous communities.  


The video was made by the Forest Industry Safety Council of New Zealand. The Council is a not-for-profit that was established to lead and coordinate harm prevention activities in forestry. It's members include forest owners, managers and contractors, along with representatives of WorkSafe (NZ's workplace health and safety regulator), ACC (our workplace insurance organisation), unions and workers. FISC runs the Safetree website.

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Forestry Workers



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Forest Industry Safety Council
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