Flüchten - Verstecken - Alarmieren

Title translated into English

Run - Hide - Tell

Film: Duration in minutes

05:23 minutes


A rampage or armed assassination belongs to the category of extreme violence. In most cases they are not predictable. The recommendations shown in the film are intended to help retail employees do the right thing in an emergency and protect themselves and others. The film does not dramatically exaggerate the events, it provides neutral and factual information on how people can behave in the event of extreme violence.
The first rule of conduct is: Flee. Get out of the danger zone, always taking the shortest route. The second rule of conduct is: Hide. If you cannot escape, hide. In the film, the store manager and a trainee barricade themselves in the office and push the copier in front of the door. Then they lie down on the floor. They put their mobile phone on silence in order not to attract the perpetrator's attention. The third rule of conduct is to raise the alarm. Notify the police after you have made yourself safe. In the film, the store manager lying on the floor dials the police emergency number 110. Other employees also alert the police. The three rules of conduct from the film have been agreed with the police in Germany. In other European countries these three rules of conduct - fleeing, hiding, alerting - are also propagated as measures to be taken in the event of extreme acts of violence.


People often react to an assassination attempt or a rampage with extreme feelings of fear. They literally become rigid with fear. The film and its educational work is intended to break through this. Those affected should be aware of the danger, but also know that they can act. This applies to both employees and customers.

Target Group

employees in retail

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