Geister der Verkehrsunfälle

Title translated into English

Ghosts of Traffic Accidents

Film: Duration in minutes

1 minutes


A young woman is walking alone on a country road when she suddenly notices that she is being followed by a group of obviously seriously injured, almost zombie-like people. Each of them represents a road accident victim and symbolizes a danger in traffic. A young man keeps looking at his mobile phone and a woman takes a few sips from her flask. The hunted woman tries to run away, but her pursuers keep following her. The young woman doesn't dare to face the "dangers in road traffic" and eventually becomes a victim of them herself.


Road safety is not in itself an ordinary product, as it can be promoted in common advertisements. Rather, it is more important for us to shake up the audience and make the viewers aware that they are ultimately responsible for their own safety. In our commercial, we want to make the recipients explicitly aware of the misconduct of others and learn from it not to do the same.


We are a group of young film students from Vienna and, apart from our time in driving school, we have not been intensively involved in road safety. Unfortunately we lost a good friend and fellow students in a traffic accident on Easter. This sad event motivated us to realize a spot about road safety to raise awareness among the viewers on this important and omnipresent topic. AUVA, one of the largest social accident insurance companies in Austria, kindly agreed to support our project as main sponsor.

Target Group

young people and learner drivers

Contact details Editor / Production company

AUVA (Hauptsponsor)
Laudongasse 49/1/1, at-1080 Wien
00436606595019 - +43 660 6595019