Haarstudio Elisabeth CSI Zugriff

Title translated into English

Hairdresser's shop Elisabeth CSI Mission

Film: Duration in minutes

00:32 minutes


Short action video from the hair studio Elisabeth with a CSI approach.

Hairdryer and flashlight - these are the utensils with which Elisabeth Würz wants to "track down" safety defects at her workplace.

And she actually finds some open scissors lying on a table, which are immediately secured and safely stored. Because, and this is the message: sharp things must be safe!


Sharp things must be safe!


Dangers also exist in the everyday life of a hair studio, not only in large industrial plants.

Target Group

All those who handle sharp things.


kommmitmensch Film & Media Festival at the A+A Congress 2019 in the category: Focus on Business.

Contact details Editor / Production company

Haarstudio Elisabeth
Badstraße 13, de-92318 Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz
+499181510581 https://www.elisabeth-haarstudio.de