Hearing - What Noise Does to Your Ears

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Hearing - What Noise Does to Your Ears

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2:20 minutes


Hearing loss can seriously affect your lifestyle. This video demonstrates what workplace noise does physically to your ears and what you can do to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.


Noise-induced hearing loss is permanent, but preventable. Always wear hearing protection while working in a loud environment.


Although noise-induced hearing loss usually happens gradually, the damage is permanent.
Hearing loss can happen when you’re exposed to noise louder than 85 decibels. It’s painless so you may not realize something is wrong until it’s too late. We produced this video to explain how workplace noise can damage hearing and how it can impact your life  outside of work. The goal is to motivate workers to take steps to protect their hearing.

Target Group

people working in loud environments


This campaign has various outputs. Some are targeted to employers in B.C. and others to workers in B.C. It identifies common hazards and offer resources to encourage and assist with implementing a noise control and hearing conservation program.

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