"Hey turn it down" the decibel-song

Title translated into English

"Hey turn it down" the decibel-song

Film: Duration in minutes

3:45 minutes


In everyday life we are constantly surrounded by noise emissions of various kinds, even outside typical noisy workplaces. In the “Decibel song”, a series of everyday situations with mostly quite loud noise is shown and the respective decibel value is shown.


Whether at work or at home, we are often no longer consciously aware of those collateral types of noise. The idea for this film is to revive attention for this topic - through popular music with catchy, smart and direct messages and modern, bold imagery.
These familiar situations should sensitize us to the subject of noise. In this way we can better handle noise and actively counteract by avoiding it and protecting ourselves – and sometimes it is easy as this: Hey, turn it down!


The German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the Raw Materials and Chemical Industry (BG RCI) created the Decibel Song as part of a Vision Zero project with the aim of reducing the number of noise-related occupational illnesses in the future.
Noise-induced hearing loss is usually preceded by a long latency period. Many people are often unaware of the dangers of exposure to frequent, loud and continuous sound exposure. For this reason, young people in particular must be made aware of this issue at an early age. For this purpose, BG RCI offers various preventive measures such as experimental lectures, seminars, publications and much more.
The contents and messages presented in the Decibel Song are not absolutely new. However, due to its more modern appearance and an acquainted trail, those can be better discovered, understood and above all accepted by the younger generation.
Thus, we can transport important, preventive information more effectively and anchor it in the minds of our target group.

Target Group

young people

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