Ich weiß ja, wie es sicher geht

Title translated into English

Well, I know how to do it safely

Film: Duration in minutes

11:04 minutes


Checking your smartphone instead of paying attention to the traffic? On the road with an unsafe bicycle? Tired due to much stress but anyway on the road? Situations like these are always the cause of road traffic accidents, whether on the way to and from work or on official business trips.
"I know how to be safe" deals with accidents on the way to and from work and accidents at work in road traffic and shows that problems of different companies are comparable.
The joint road safety film was produced in cooperation with the German Road Safety Council (DVR), 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, Bayer AG, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), Stromnetz Berlin GmbH as well as the Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe (BSR) and is publicly available online for free use by all companies and private individuals interested in the topic.


With our humorous film we want to contribute to more traffic safety. We want to wrap the serious topic in an entertaining way and we believe that we have succeeded in doing so.
It was also important to us to make the film accessible to an international audience, which is why we produced English subtitles.


About the VDSI - Association for Safety, Health and Environmental Protection at Work
Founded in 1951, VDSI is Germany's largest trade association for safety, health and environmental protection at work. Its approximately 5,600 members include specialists from various fields of activity and industries, including engineers, technicians, managers, medical doctors, psychologists, chemists and environmental officers. The VDSI offers its members, among other things, a broad network for the professional exchange of experience as well as qualified further training opportunities. As a registered association, VDSI acts as a non-profit, politically and economically independent association whose members are voluntarily committed to more safety, health and environmental protection at work.

About the German Road Safety Council (DVR):
The German Road Safety Council was founded in 1969 and is an independent pioneer and authority in all matters of road safety. The task of the association is to promote measures to improve the safety of all road users. The association coordinates the manifold activities of its members, develops programmes and continuously adapts them to new requirements and scientific knowledge. One of its central tasks is the bundling of the efforts of all the bodies involved into a common and effective action (coordination function). The DVR clearly represents the positions that are suitable to save lives or prevent serious injuries in politics, social groups, the media, federal, state, European and other national and international institutions.

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Employees and employers

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VDSI - Verband für Sicherheit, Gesundheit und Umweltschutz bei der Arbeit
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+49 611 157550 http://www.vdsi.de

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