Improving EMS Worker Safety Through Ambulance Design and Testing

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Improving EMS Worker Safety Through Ambulance Design and Testing

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7-part film series total run time 69 minutes minutes


This 7-part video series, jointly funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate, covers new crash test methods to improve worker and patient safety in an ambulance patient compartment. The series also provides viewers with an overview of the many changes impacting  ambulance design, testing, and manufacture. These changes impact the:

  • layout of the ambulance patient compartment
  • contents housed in the ambulance patient compartment (seating, patient cot, equipment mounts, storage devices)
  • outside or body of the ambulance


The video series provides scientific engineering information in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner that allows workers and industry leaders alike to become informed and aware of the many changes and new standards impacting ambulance design, testing, and manufacture.


Prior to NIOSH's research in the ambulance industry the patient compartment was largely an unregulated and untested mobile work environment. Unlike passenger vehicles, nothing in the patient compartment of an ambulance required crash testing. By the completion of the NIOSH research effort, 11 new crash test methods were published and referenced in both national and international standards. This work has also contributed to the collaborative development of new crash-worthy products (e.g., cots, seats, ambulance), which are being nationally and internationally. The film series is an imperative educational tool in informing and providing guidance to ambulance manufacturers and suppliers; EMS workers; and those responsible for designing and purchasing ambulances. It provides viewers with a clear and concise review of the new crash test methods, each of which was created to improve ambulance patient compartment crashworthiness for both the worker and the patient. Likewise, the films can be shared with EMS workers to educate them on the hazards and opportunities to protect themselves and their patients.

Target Group

Ambulance designers, builders, users, and regulators as well as their supply base to improve EMS worker and patient safety in the back of a moving ambulance


2017 Merit Award from the Health Information Resource Center, 2018 NIOSH Alice Hamilton Award

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