Istota zaufania

Title translated into English

The essence of trust

Film: Duration in minutes

5 min. minutes


Changes taking place in society and all forms of technological development and related risks are the theme of the film. The film presents the dangers of quick trust for strangers on social networks. Providing your personal data and home addresses is a great threat and is associated with a great unconscious of people about the resulting consequences.


You never know who's on the other side of the screen and how they can use the information you give him.


Kamila Kot is a young and ambitious woman with high professional qualifications and extensive experience in the field of human resource management and new technologies. During the last interview at her dream job, her candidacy, which initially aroused great interest of the employer, was suddenly rejected, and the director's nephew Marcin Mikołajewski took the position. The woman could not come to terms with the situation, so she decides to renew contacts with her former friend, Katy Zoya, who works in an organized criminal group involved in kidnapping and trafficking in human beings. Young women wanting to take revenge on a man who is to take a high position in a development company, meticulously devise a plan of revenge. To take his action, Kamila decides to approach Marcin, who is not aware of the actions that the girls quickly implemented. Desperate woman acting under the pressure of time and hatred of a man begins to write to him on a social networking site quickly gaining his trust and asks about his plans for the next free time. Marcin opened to Kamila telling her about the weekend trip to the plot, which is located near the small town of Nowa Brzeźnica.

When the long-awaited weekend came, Kamila went to the address unconsciously indicated by the man and started her activities there. She watched Marcin, who was in the summer house. She devoted a few hours to it until it was dark outside. The next day, she watched the young man at a safe distance when he went for a walk in the woods. Recognizing that the time was right, she pushed the boy sitting on the edge of the abyss wanting to punish him for taking her job in his dream place. Scared that Marcin gives no signs of life, she decides to go down to him. After pulling the man onto the escarpment, she called her friend Katia, who soon appeared at the scene. The women, regardless of anything, tied up and put the injured man in a black bag and put him in the trunk, then quickly left the unlucky place of the incident.

Target Group

young people

Contact details Editor / Production company

Scientific Students Group Erasmus+Manager, Czestochowa University of Technology
Armii Krajowej 19 B - Armii Krajowej 19 B , pl-42-201 Częstochowa
508300064 - 508300064