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Jim's Story

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This music video, produced by LHS Foundation and directed by the talented Alessandro Murdaca, was created to match and strengthen the powerful lyrics of the song “Jim’s story”, written by a young Italian rapper, Michael Cordaro, known as D Trip. This song tells the story of a construction worker who doesn’t care about safety, because he thinks that nothing can happen to him, until the day he falls from height without protections. This event deeply affects him, making him conscious that he needs to change behaviors and protect himself in his everyday life, for himself and for his loved ones. Watching these images, the viewer feels involved in “Jim’s story” and appreciates his change of attitude when life gives him a second, precious chance.


Sometimes, especially when we are young and full of energy, we take risks just because we think we are invincible. At work, we focus on being productive, completing our tasks as quick as possible, making money; safety is not among our priorities. This clip aims to point out that this kind of attitude is a big mistake, because the truth is that we are all fragile and our life is a gift that deserves to be valued and protected. We cannot always have a second chance and, as D Trip sings, “It’s better to prevent than cure - especially because, sometimes, a cure does not even exist”.


When D Trip wrote this song in 2016, he was a student in high school participating in a contest aiming to encourage young generations to talk about safety in a creative way. The organizers of this contest were part of a project called Italia Loves Sicurezza, a national movement of people who wants to revolutionize the way safety is perceived and communicated in Italy, in order to change behaviors and reduce the number of accidents. Music is an incredible powerful language, able to share messages and break frontiers, especially when dealing with young generations. That’s why LHS Foundation in 2017 decided to produce a professional video music for this song. Since then, this music video has been showed to thousands of young students during safety events in schools, contributing to spread its message in a strong and effective way.

Davide Scotti, Head of HSE Culture, Communication & Training at Saipem and General Secretary of LHS Foundation will personally attend the World Congress in Toronto and is available to present the project. He was one of the winners at the Prevention Media Festival in Frankfurt in 2014 with the film “What Comes First”.

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