Kitchen Safety: Preventing Burns and Scalds

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Kitchen Safety: Preventing Burns and Scalds

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2:46 minutes


This is part of a series of safety videos that demonstrates to kitchen staff, the proper safe work procedures to prevent injuries when using commercial equipment. It demonstrates proper techniques for using equipment and performing common tasks, and features well-known B.C. chefs who offer safety tips and lessons from their own experiences.


Your personal safety starts with you. Take time to learn the right skills.


More than 60 per cent of injury claims in the food-service industry involve kitchen workers who routinely work with tools and equipment that, used improperly, can cause serious injury. In the B.C. restaurant industry alone, there were 241 serious injuries in restaurants in 2016 and more than 50 per cent of those were kitchen workers. WorkSafeBC partnered with go2HR and well-known local chefs to produce a video series for employers and workers about the safe use of knives, meat slicers and deep fryers, and how to prevent burns, scalds, slips, trips, falls and lifting injuries. The videos help provide important training for kitchen workers, regardless of the size of operation or industry.

Target Group

All kitchen staff (e.g. chefs, sous-chefs, line cooks, kitchen assistants, dishwashers) in restaurants and students in culinary schools.


We produced a series of safety videos for kitchen workers, as more than 60 percent of injuries in the food service industry involve kitchen workers.

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