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Klaus hat´s raus

Title translated into English

Klaus has figured it out

Film: Duration in minutes

7.49 minutes


Among other things, safety officers have to address employees on errors. In practice, however, this often proves to be difficult, because who likes to be pointed out for mistakes?
The film "Klaus hat's raus" clearly shows how company specialists, e.g. safety officers, can motivate their employees to behave in a safety-oriented and health-conscious manner through effective discussion and thus make an important contribution to improving occupational safety. A brochure complements the training film with helpful models and theories on the topics of communication and conversation. It contains a detailed scene analysis and provides practical tips and hints for the practical side of the training.


The film is intended to motivate safety officers and other representatives of a company to approach other people about possible misconduct. The "learning by doing" effect is of particular importance. According to this effect, learning is not only done through personal experience, but also by observing the behaviour of other people, e.g. in the film. Model learning is thus intentionally used within the framework of training measures or takes place involuntarily within the framework of professional socialisation. Learning on the model gets easier if the reinforcement for the behaviour to be learned is directly visible, the model is assessed as positive (e.g. a generally respected employee), the model is similar to the observer (e.g. same function) and the behaviour of the model can be carried out by the observer without difficulty. At the end of the film it says "Interfere and you will see: It's even fun!"



A total of 670,858 (DGUV, 2017) safety officers are employed in German companies. Their duties include ensuring that the prescribed protective devices and personal protective equipment are present and properly used and drawing attention to accident and health hazards for the insured. Almost 90,000 safety officers take part in training courses of accident insurance institutions and the private sector every year (DGUV, 2017). In these training courses, they particularly deepen their ability to address socially competent employees in case of possible misconduct.

Target Group

Safety experts, managers, employees

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