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Fall Protection

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4 minutes and 42 seconds minutes


A supervisor at the construction site explains 3 important ways (checking the working platform, checking hole cover, and using proper PPE) to prevent fall accidents at the construction site to the workers. To induce workers' interests, LEGO is used.


KOSHA would like to draw workers' attention that fall accidents prevail at the construction site. To prevent falls, workers should check whether the working platform is properly installed, whether there are uncovered holes and whether they are using proper PPE.


The Korean government announced that by 2022, they will halve occupational fatalities by creating workplaces where the lives and safety of workers are considered as the priority. In 2019, 855 workers lost their lives due to occupational accidents. Among them, about 40% of occupational accidents occurred at the construction sites. To support our government's goal, KOSHA supports construction sites by providing technical assistance, implementing inspection and providing training.

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Construction Workers, General Public



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