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La manutention de patients

Title translated into English

Patient handling techniques

Film: Duration in minutes

9minutes38sec minutes


The sequence contains 5 interconnected capsules.

- A clickable introduction to the 3 learnings.

- Raising the patient in a bed

- Place the patient at the edge of the bed

- Move the patient from the bed to the chair

- Conclusion

Each capsule breaks down the different movements required to move patients.

For the needs of the Festival, the 5 capsules have been reassembled into a single film.



Caregivers perform a variety of tasks that strain their muscles and joints in a repetitive and strenuous manner, resulting in musculoskeletal disorders or workplace accidents. On the other hand, they are afraid of causing their patients to suffer from sudden movements.

By learning these 3 basic handling gestures, they will learn to spare their back and joints and to take better care of their patients.


Musculoskeletal disorders and accidents at work due to patient handling are a real problem for the CHwapi, a hospital in Tournai, Belgium. The CESI, external service of prevention and protection at work (Occupational Health Service in Belgium) has produced in collaboration with the CHwapi these 5 capsules which are reminders of the face-to-face training carried out by the CESI ergonomics unit in the teams.


Target Group

Hospital staff, nursing homes

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