Mario E. - Schwarz ist keine Farbe

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12:30 minutes


As a worker in a steelworks, Mario E. went through a chain of unfortunate circumstances and got into a gutter of red-hot molten iron . Miraculously, he managed to save himself. Despite severe burns, months of coma and blindness caused by this accident, he found his way back to life. In this film he describes his accident and the resulting severe limitations for himself and his environment and draws a positive conclusion for himself about his life today, despite his years of suffering. No person in the world has ever survived such an accident.


The film wants to point out dangers and hazards that are omnipresent at work in the steel industry. It appeals to the responsibility of each employee not to carry out his or her work carelessly and inattentively. But even if viewers at their workplace do not deal with liquid metal, the film still offers a basis for discussion on the following statements: 1. no work can be so urgent and so important that it cannot be carried out safely. That is to say: We work safely or we don't work (In case of doubt, safety has priority!) 2. interfere! (Everyone should point out possible misconduct to everyone - regardless of responsibility and position). Because the victims are not only the directly affected accident victims, but also their families, colleagues and friends.


The background for the production of this film was the sentence: "You don't leave an accident behind at work, you take it home with you". In numerous occupational safety and accident prevention seminars, responsible and prudent behavior at the workplace is taught and practiced. Nevertheless, tragic accidents (whether due to carelessness or ignorance) happen again and again, which could have been prevented if the person concerned or his or her employees had behaved in accordance with safety regulations.
The film "Mario's story - black is not a colour" is an equivalent to the approx. 30 year old English 10-minute film "Ken's story - one of 1.6 millions" (Fa. outtakes) English with German subtitle, in which Ken tells his accident, through which he became blind.

Target Group

Employees in the steel industry

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Jürgen Walter Beratungsgesellschaft mbH
Lindenstr. 212, de-40235 Düsseldorf
+49 211 6989699 - +49 177 3723588+49 211 6989695