Napo - Sicherheit und Gesundheit

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Napo - safety and health

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02:53 minutes


Napo in action for more safety and health at work!


Safety and health should be considered at work.


Napo has been on the move for 20 years in terms of safety and health at work. He raises awareness and sensitizes people to the important issues surrounding occupational safety and health, all with a "wink". When Napo heard about the new prevention campaign, he naturally wanted to be at the forefront and become a kommmitmensch. That's why he doesn't miss the opportunity to make a small contribution of his own. In keeping with the six fields of action of the kommmitmensch prevention campaign, individual episodes were compiled from already existing Napo films in a thematically appropriate way. Napo is a kommmitmensch because he has understood that safety and health should always play a decisive role in (working) everyday life.

Target Group


Prevention campaign

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Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung e.V. (DGUV)
Glinkastraße 40, de-10117 Berlin
+49 30 13001-1441