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Neulich bei Airbus...

Title translated into English

Recently at Airbus...

Film: Duration in minutes

5:53 minutes


The film has been put together from nine of the 14 animated safety films produced and shown at Airbus Commercial in Germany as part of the “Recently at Airbus...” campaign. The clips are based on real accidents that actually happened in hangars, offices, and other places around the plant premises. They address the following subjects:

  • Incorrect disposal of hazardous substances,
  • Careless behaviour due to distraction or pressure of time,
  • Lack of PPE.

The accidents are re-enacted in graphically simplified, animated scenes. The end credits of each clip reveal when and where the described accident actually happened.


Inattentiveness, time pressure, and non-observance of regulations just to “get something done quickly” will lead to accidents, some of them serious. These accidents do not happen somewhere else, but right here in our own working environment. The short safety clips are based on the idea of learning from mistakes and are meant to promote individual responsibility among employees for their own safety and that of their colleagues, without finger-wagging.


The films were developed in cooperation with Bockfilm Film- u. Fernsehproduktion GmbH for a safety campaign that was run at the German Airbus Commercial sites from 2017 to 2019. The clips were shown on AirbusTV, on the intranet, and in presentations and safety briefings. Being self-explanatory and conveying their message without any text or language, the films reach all employees and were also successfully featured in an international safety campaign implemented across various Airbus divisions in 2018. Even though the clips, with their likeable characters, appealing sound design, and a touch of humour, present the subject of occupational safety in a fun and entertaining way, the mention of the actual time and place of the accident at the end of each clip still serves as a powerful reminder to employees that such accidents could happen to them as well.

Target Group

All employees of Airbus Commercial in Germany

Safety Awareness



Contact details Editor

Airbus Operations GmbH
Kreetslag 10, de-21129 Hamburg
+49 40 743 50025

Contact details Production company

Bockfilm GmbH
Bischoffstr. 8, de-28203 Bremen
+49 421 62 65 88 4 15+49 421 62 65 88 419