Nie badz dziki na drodze - mlody gniewny

Title translated into English

Don't be wild on the road - youngster

Film: Duration in minutes

00:35 minutes


We have prepared 3 short videos depicting different kinds of drivers' misbehaviour on the roads.


  1. To raise awareness about proper behaviours whilke driving a car
  2. To encourage people to enter our educational platform:


Every year, about 25,000 people die on the European Unions roads. In Poland alone, there are over 33,000 accidents in which about 3,000 people die annually. Main causes of accidents are disregarding the right of way, speeding, keeping the wrong distance between vehicles, but also dangerous behaviour of pedestrians.

In order to raise awareness of Poles on the road and to build an co-dependent safety culture, safety specialists from Raben Group, in cooperation with drivers, have developed a dedicated, educational platform. It offers an e-training course in the form of 10 thematic animations which show selected principles of safe behaviour on roads and manoeuvring yards and which affect the safety of all road users.

Target Group

All road users



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Raben Group
Zbozowa 1, pl-62-023 Robakowo