Nils erklärt den Brandschutz

Title translated into English

Nils Explains Fire Prevention

Film: Duration in minutes

4 Minuten 56 Sekunden minutes


How does fire start and what can be done to prevent a fire for people with disabilities in a workshop ? The film deals with typical dangerous situations in different working areas of the workshop. It also shows how to protect yourself against fire hazards and explains what to do if there is a fire anyway. The main figure Nils, who is already known in the workshop world through other instruction media, leads through the plot this time as a fire protection helper.

The film is available in three versions:

- with German subtitles

- with English subtitles

- with sign language and with German subtitles


The film motivates and sensitizes people with mental impairments/disabilities on the subject of fire protection. A link to the subject "fire protection in my workshop" is established. As a result, the employees should be proud to be able to prevent fires competently and to behave adequately in case of fire.


Instruction is a legal requirement from the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the DGUV regulation 1 - Fire protection is an important subject of instruction.
Instruction of people with mental impairments/disabilities is a challenge. Large differences in the employees' ability to concentrate and grasp the situation place high demands on the instructor and his methodology. Therefore it is important that the topic is communicated clearly and vividly.
The film supports instructors in successfully conveying and implementing the topic, as its humorous, appealing and practical style ensures that the audience identifies itself with the topic of fire protection.

Target Group

People with mental impairment/disability

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