Title translated into English

Final grade

Film: Duration in minutes

20 minutes


Two teenagers Lisa and Jessica attend a pool party in the afternoon, although they have to go to piano lessons in the evening. The responsible Lisa originally decides to stay sober because she is the driver and has to bring the two home. But contrary to her decision, she lets herself be carried away for a few drinks without having much experience with strong alcohol. On the way home, the inevitable happens: the life of the two and their relationship with each other changes forever.


The film is made for use in youth protection workshops that are held regularly at Styrian schools. In these videos the youth protection law and its background is explained to the young people. Our film opens the workshop in order to break the ice and to arouse interest in the topic on an emotional level among the young viewers. The aim is not to demonize topics such as alcohol with a raised forefinger, but to show them as part of the reality of life for many young people, where it is important to deal with them in the right way. If possible, the film should always be embedded in a workshop context, where the central issues can be discussed afterwards.


"Final grade" is our second project with the province of Styria after a cinema campaign on the subject of alcohol and smoking. The story of the two girls is a true incident that a police officer experienced on duty and was told to us by our client. The film was shot by us in 5 shooting days in late summer 2017 after a long writing, research, casting and production period. Since then it has been used in workshops on a regular basis and is very popular with the young viewers.

Target Group

Young students in youth protection workshops of the province of Styria

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