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Practice Safe Work - Website

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Practice Safe Work - Website

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This website gives people a place to see all of our "model employee" videos, learn about things they can do to avoid getting hurt at work, and what they should do if they do get hurt at work. There is a section for parents to learn about workplace safety. There is a list of questions they can ask to get the conversation started, get their kids thinking about workplace safety, and help them stay safe at work.


Even "model" employees can get hurt at work.


At the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), we want rigorous workplace health and safety habits to be second nature for young people; a no-brainer. That's why every year, during the summer months, the WSIB runs a campaign targeting young people aged 15-24. The "Practice Safe Work" campaign is about making sure that young people know that work can be dangerous, and that workplace safety isn’t something to take for granted.

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Young Workers age 14-25 years old


Multi-channel marketing campaign.


The Practice Safe Work Campaign won the 2019 Canadian Public Relations Society Best Digital Campaign

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