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Predicament of Wood workers and Neglect of pay masters and Policy makers

Title translated into English

Predicament of Wood workers and Neglect of pay masters and Policy makers

Film: Duration in minutes

13:22 minutes


Health implications of wood and quarry workers who ignorantly expose their bodies to sawdust and silica without knowing or under estimating the risk and hazards whiles their employers negligently look on. Although these innocent workers have already seen symptoms of dermatitis or have been told by medical officers of having contracted one yet down playing the impact in future.

Medical officer, explains what and how dangerous dermatitis and silicosis are, their signs and symptoms  and what the workers need to do working in such environment.

Health and Safety practitioner speaks about his research and how worrying the situation is. He also touch on who is responsible in ensuring the safety and well being of workers.



There is every need for workers in such industries to be cautious of their health and work environment and ensure they always adhere to safety standards.
Employers must also understand their responsibility to protect their workers by providing them with all the needed safety equipment, education and ensure that they adhere to them.
Institutions responsible for ensuring health and safety at work places must also up their game and enforce laws for right things to be done


A visit to some timber markets and quarry sites revealed the dangerous attitudes of workers who had thrown all caution to the wind and exposing their bodies to sawdust and silica regardless of the risk and hazards at their work environment. Interactions with them suggested that, although they have already seen some signs and symptoms of "dermatitis" and "silicosis" or have been told by medical officers, they seem to be under estimating the effect.

Target Group

workers, policy makers and implementors


Research and advocacy campaign

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