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  • Preventable@ at WorkSafeBC
  • Preventable at WorkSafeBC - Event
  • Preventable@ WorkSafeBC - Signage

Preventable@: Safety in the Workplace

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Preventable@: Safety in the Workplace

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Preventable@ is a health and safety initiative that aims to connect the dots between attitudes and behaviour towards preventable injuries.

Preventable@ provides an opportunity for workplace partners to connect to a market-tested, evaluated, evidence-informed larger injury prevention “brand” (Preventable) to support their own occupational health and safety programs, campaigns, and strategies while raising their corporate social responsibility profile. We tap into partner customer communication channels and touch points, and co-brand materials to extend market penetration, leveraging partner expertise and resources. Through this partnership, program organizations receive a scalable and customizable program that reflects the unique needs and size of their organization.

Employees are exposed to the Preventable message at work, and this message in turn is highlighted in the community through our other campaign elements (out-of-home, mixed media, social media, partnership events), further reinforcing those connections between attitudes and beliefs and behaviour.

Program components of Preventable@ include:

  • Signage and posters (elevators, parkades, exterior walls, staff exits, atriums, bike lockers)
  • Newsletters
  • Electronic pledges
  • Lunch and Learn sessions/webinars
  • Customized staff engagement activities

Sample Key Messages:

  • Your attitude is critical to injury prevention and safety
  • Think twice about your safety—for yourself and others—at work, at home, and on the road
  • Whether you’re at work, at home, or on the road, we care about you and your safety
  • We’ve partnered with Preventable to help support your safety at work, at home, and on the road

Preventable has worked with the following companies to launch Preventable@ campaigns in the workplace:

  • London Drugs (Canadian retail store and pharmacy chain)
  • WorkSafeBC (British Columbia’s workers’ compensation board)
  • TELUS (Canadian telecommunications company)
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (polytechnic and applied sciences post-secondary institution)
  • University of British Columbia (BC’s largest university)

Evaluation of Preventable@

We allowed each organization we engaged with to generate their own outcome measures for the collaboration. With one of the organizations, they found a 15-25% improvement in awareness and concern around injuries at work and at home because of the Preventable@ campaign. They also reported that they had changed their behaviour. These results mirrored the impacts of our public-facing campaign. Overall, 80% of respondents also said that Preventable@ was innovative, engaging, thought-provoking, and generated self-reflection.


The message of Preventable's campaign is to shift attitudes and transform behaviours towards serious preventable injuries without shocking or shaming people and ultimately reduce the human and financial burden caused by these injuries. Attitudes towards injury prevention don’t form in a vacuum—Preventable@ “connects the dots” between health and safety attitudes in the workplace, and injury prevention attitudes at home, play, and on the road.


About Preventable

Preventable is a province-wide, multi-partner organization raising awareness, transforming attitudes, and ultimately changing behaviours. A registered non-profit organization launched in 2009, the goal of Preventable and its partners is to significantly reduce the number and severity of preventable injuries in British Columbia (BC), Canada. Preventable’s strategy is based on two years of extensive research to develop a comprehensive understanding of how and why preventable injuries occur throughout the province. Preventable’s work is made possible through the financial and in-kind support of a variety of organizations that continue to sign on as partners in fighting the epidemic of preventable injuries in BC. Now in its 11th year of activity, the campaign is an evolution in Preventable’s ongoing discussion with British Columbians to change the discourse that preventable injuries are not just “accidents.” Preventable has successfully launched campaigns in the province of Alberta and Atlantic Canada.

History of Preventable@

Preventable@ is only one component of Preventable’s integrated social marketing strategy. Often, injuries that occur outside the workplace limit an employee’s full ability and productivity at work. The campaign was developed in response to challenges expressed by our partners, who wanted to engage employees in a broader discussion of injury prevention. Preventable@ enhances an organization’s current workplace health and safety program, recognizing the impact that preventable injuries have on individuals, families, and communities.


Preventable has built close relationships with more than 100 partner organizations across the country. With the knowledge, skills, and support of partners like these, we’re reaching even more people in the moments and places where injuries occur and can be prevented. Our diverse community of partners come together under a single issue, under a single banner, and using a single approach. Preventable connects the dots that injuries can happen wherever you are: at home, at work, on the road, and at play.

Target Group

Workplace employees aged 25-54


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