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Film: Duration in minutes

5:08 minutes


During a musical tour of the logistics warehouse, important PPE parts are presented in an entertaining way.


The video motivates the use of PPE and contributes to the general image enhancement of this topic.


The director and screenwriter Gerald Bäumler thought about how a rather dull occupational safety topic like PPE could be implemented in a cool and entertaining way. This music video was created as a free film art project in own production. After Bäumler had written the lyrics for a cross-over song, he commissioned the musician and composer Günter Hagn with the musical realisation. After careful organization and planning of the choreography, the clip was shot in one day with about 30 participants in front and behind the camera.

Target Group

All those whose workplace requires PPE


kommmitmensch Film&Media Festival 2019, category: "Art, for sure"

Contact details Editor / Production company

baeumler film+tv
Finkenweg 3 - Deutschland , de-95680 Bad Alexandersbad