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Schysst stall

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Fair stable

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The Schysst stall (Fair stable) initiative consists of an online course for employers outlining their legal responsibility for working actively against harassment, fourteen animated short films to be used as a basis for discussion, and a tutorial for teachers in professional schools, with exercises to be used with students. The exercises teach students their rights and allow them to practice difficult situations in a safe environment, so that they know what to do and are more prepared to act if they should experience sexual harassment whilst on internship or when they start working.

The material is published on The website contains a chatbot where you can ask anonymous questions about sexual harassment and abuse, with answers adjusted to your role and your situation.

The website also contains a map of Sweden, where employers who have passed the online course can show their stables as a "Schysst stall" (Fair stable).


Schysst stall (Fair stable), stands for zero tolerance on sexual harassment and abuse in the horse sector.

Increase your knowledge about sexual harassment in your workplace – become a Schysst stall (Fair stable)!

Schysst stall (Fair stable) – working against sexual harassment in the horse sector.

Schysst stall (Fair stable) is backed by a unified Swedish horse sector.


Schysst stall (Fair stable) is a training and information initiative developed by Prevent, with the vision zero tolerance on sexual harassment and abuse in the horse sector.

Prevent is a non-profit organization owned by the parties of the Swedish labor market. Our mission is to provide knowledge for improved work environment. Schysst stall was initiated by the parties of the Swedish labor market in the horse sector and is backed by the largest Swedish horse sector trade organizations.

The purpose is to offer knowledge about sexual harassment, instruct employers how they can work preventively to avoid the occurrence of sexual harassment, and to teach employees and students their rights and what they should do if sexual harassment happens to them.

Schysst stall is aimed at employers and employees in the horse sector, and teachers and students in professional schools oriented towards the horse sector.

The website with all its contents was available in March 2019 at

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Employers, employees, teachers and students in the horse sector



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