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Being in the immediate present I can recognize where I am and who I am, but are we who we want to be? And are we where we want to be?


"Irreversible" was born from an impetuous need to stop time; for those of us who do not have the privilege of doing so. The time that passes without asking us if we are where we want to be, that time that can vanish in a second due to some impetuous action, that time that only passes and discards us in the past.
For seafarers, time is something they don't play with, every second counts, so they must make it worthwhile even if it is not always in their favor, because often the sense of urgency is a priority and thus we forget that we can lose our life in a second.
Three independent images that tell the same story based on the time that we all let pass without appreciating or valuing.


Workers on chilean ships

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