SP Safety Song

Title translated into English

SP Safety Song

Film: Duration in minutes

02:40 minutes


SP (Safety Prakash) - Protagonist of the film (named after the brand Shapoorji Pallonji AKA SP) is a safety adhering hero, saves fellow construction workers using the normal safety gear in a cool - cinematic way, as he is a role model to the workers, the song praises the way he is so heroic because of his safety gear.


Safety gear/PPEs are cool. Wearing them makes you a hero. You have only one life. So be safe to enjoy life fully.


While process and information about safety gear, protocol and best practices is widely available, it was observed that most construction labour did not really care about it. So to bring about behavioural change in their attitude, we made this fun song, taking a positive approach to matters of safety rather than using the conventional fear/punishment based approach. The song makes the worker a hero and his PPEs look cool.

Target Group

Construction, Workers, Labourers

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Off Eastern Express Highway C-2706 - Azziano, Rustomjee Urbania, Thane (W) , in-400601 Thane