Testimonial "Am Besten Immer Mit!" mit Judith Richter

Title translated into English

Testimonial „To Be Best With!” with Judith Richter

Film: Duration in minutes

1:45 minutes


In the film we experience the explosion in a plant from the perspective of the person who was injured. The situation is surprisingly resolved in that hearing protection is also an issue in professions that are not immediately associated with noise.


Even outside workplaces typically associated with noise emissions, the issue is dealt with consciously. The main actress Judith Richter explains why noise should be made conscious and has to be protected against in any case. So „To Be Best With!”


The German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the raw materials and chemical industry (BG RCI) created the testimonial as part of a Vision Zero project with the aim of reducing the number of noise-related occupational illnesses in the future.
Noise-induced hearing loss is usually preceded by a long latency period. Many people are often unaware of the dangers of exposure to frequent, loud and continuous sound exposure. For this reason, young people in particular must be made aware of this issue at an early age. For this purpose, BG RCI offers various preventive measures such as experimental lectures, seminars, publications and much more.
In this testimonial, the contents and messages to be conveyed are wrapped in a story in order to be better discovered, understood and above all accepted by the audience.
The excitingly presented situation generates more attention for the topic. The role model effect of the well-known actress also offers the chance to anchor the topic sustainably and positively in the minds of our insurees. This has also been successfully tested with further testimonials.

Target Group

younger people

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