The Matthew Bowcott Story

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The Matthew Bowcott Story

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7:27 minutes


This video is a true story about a young worker’s injury and his road to recovery. Matthew was just 19 when he was badly injured in a restaurant kitchen. His personal story is a testament to every worker’s right to know the hazards, to speak up about safety concerns, and to refuse unsafe work.


As a worker you have the right to a safe workplace and the right to refuse unsafe work.


Matthew Bowcott's story of being severely injured at work has given him a new perspective on health and safety. He wants young workers to know that ignoring a gut feeling about safety on the job can have tragic consequences. After viewing Matthew's story, new and young workers should know that they have the right to a safe workplace and the willingness to say if they don't feel safe at work.

Target Group

Young workers


We have various resources around new and young workers and their right to a safe workplace. Workers of all ages can be injured at work, but young and new workers may be more at risk.

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