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Title translated into English


Film: Duration in minutes

5:18 minutes


An accurate reconstruction of a real life incident. This film immerses the viewer in the sequence of events that could have led to a serious accident or even the death of a mother and her baby. The viewers are subsequently invited to undertake a series of activities in order to dissect and analyse the scenario in more detail to understand the failings.


This film highlights the dangers of normalising unsafe behaviours. A process that should have been reserved for emergencies was integrated into daily habits as a matter of routine. Root cause analysis of the incident would suggest this unhealthy safety culture was as a result of a lack of general health and safety policies and procedures put in place by the company.


NCRQ are the UK's most popular provider of diploma-level health and safety qualifications. Their case study based approach that is present in all the qualifications ensures the learner's experience is memorable, aiding their understanding and knowledge retention.

Target Group

Managers and Supervisors in every sector

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Steam Mill, gb-CH3 5AN Chester