Verkehrssicherheit bei John Deere - Werk Mannheim

Title translated into English

Safety to traffic at John Deere Factory Mannheim

Film: Duration in minutes

5:25 minutes


Based on a few exemplary violations of road traffic regulations, which naturally also apply at the John Deere plant in Mannheim, the two commentators show where and how dangerous situations arise. Whether it's riding a bicycle into a one-way street, turning vehicles using three zebra crossings or using Google Maps to show a pedestrian the way to the office ... here is some of what cameras recorded on a normal working day in May 2018.


Everyone knows how important safety is in everyday working life and in road traffic. Nevertheless, dangerous situations and near-accidents occur again and again, even on the factory premises. In an entertaining way, with a pinch of subtle humour, the two commentators pinpoint these situations without exposing the individual. Although the viewer sits further away and looks at the respective situations from a bird's eye view, the mirror that the commentators hold in front of the viewer is always visible in the background. Because everyone has at one time or another fallen into one of the situations ...


This film was produced in 2018 as part of a project by the Safety Culture Team for the Mannheim plant. The team was formed in 2015 when it became clear that further improvements in occupational safety would work only by changing the employees' behavior.  Because safety concerns us all ... but YOU make the difference!

Target Group

Employees of the Mannheim plant

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John Deere GmbH & Co. KG
John-Deere-Straße 90, de-68163 Mannheim

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Film hoch drei
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 17, Deutschland-69117 Heidelberg