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Be Alive!

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1.12 minutes


The video begins with the scene of an employee willing to clean a mechanical piece and he will use a chemical product and the following question is asked: ¿Have you checked the safety sheet of the product that you are going to use? And the employee responds that he has not. This is exactly what we had identified in some cases.

The second part of the video shows the correct way of doing the work, we see the employee before to start the work that he carefully reviews the safety sheet, he reads which is the correct protective equipment to use the product and also reads the safety instruction to use the product, where he is evaluating the risk and then he do the job in a safety way. The video ends with the slogan of the campaign “read the label, evaluate and act”


The message that we are transmitting in the video is that the handling of chemical products must be in a safety way, and that is why that is necessary before handling any product to be informed of the 16 sections of the safety sheet. This way the employee can carry out a risk assessment prior to do their job, and he will also will be prepared to apply the appropriate control measure to handle the chemical product safely. That is why the campaign was named ¡Be alive! In Guatemala this phrase is classified in our way to talk with 2 things: 1) I need you alert and cautious 2) I need you to take care of your life.

The campaign was very well accepted by the employees and we get better the way that the employees was using the chemical products. At this time we have not had any incidents or occupational diseases due to the exposure or handling of chemical product in the company.

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