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Web Based Training "Sicher arbeiten – Gesundheit schützen"

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Web Based Training "Work Safely – Protect Health"

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Digital learning offer on the topics of occupational safety and health, here "Stumbling, sliding, falling".

How can I recognise tripping and slipping hazards early enough - so they can be eliminated directly? Depending on the selection of the warehouse or administration area, I can detect sources of danger myself.

The learning content is presented clearly with videos, interactive elements and practical examples. This and other learning modules are designed to support and document the legally required operational instructions. They are also available independently for flexible self-learning.


-Act safely, stay healthy.
-Be careful and prudent on all roads and stairs.
-Avoid and eliminate sources of danger.


The legally required operational instructions are often officially dealt.
With our online learning modules, the operational instructions can be designed in an attractive and practice-oriented way and can be carried out easily, mobile and without registration. The learning results are automatically documented in a personal certificate.

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Companies and employees

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