Wie viel ist zu viel?

Title translated into English

How much is too much?

Film: Duration in minutes

0:20 minutes


An empty beer glass stands in front of a softly coloured background.  Beer is slowly poured into a glass to graceful music, it could be a beer advertisement. In different settings we see the glass getting fuller and fuller until the last drop completes the perfect whitecap. A short moment of silence, a short moment of pause.Threatening music begins. It wasn't the last drop.

Once again beer flows into the glass, the foam steps over the rim, runs down the side of the glass. The flow of beer does not stop, it becomes stronger and stronger, it becomes an enormous stream. The mood and the background becomes darker, the music gets louder and louder. It is already bubbling out of the glass until a last gush makes it tip over.
The glass falls over and shatters. In extreme close-up and super slow motion a yellow flood of beer rolls towards the camera, towards the audience, to a thunderous humming noise and floods the picture.


Our idea is based on the basic principle that the human body is not infinitely resilient. We show the human mind/body as a glass, which can only contain a certain amount of liquid, or stress, without passing over. The liquid level can rise and fall depending on our current state of health. The higher the level, the more stressed we are. The lower the level, the more balanced. At some point the stress limit is reached and the fluid passes over. The level may then drop again, but once the glass is full and has overflowed, the damage is often irreversible. This analogy, often used in psychology to illustrate the crossing of the limit and its consequences, can also be used for alcohol or general drug consumption.
The dose/frequency makes the poison. If a certain limit is exceeded, everything gets out of control and often results in irreversible damage. The never-ending flood of beer stands for the excess, which is a big problem especially for young people when it comes to alcohol and drug consumption. Addiction prevention for young people must also be addressed. The focus here is not yet on the long-term consequences, but on the selective and excessive consumption, which can lead to serious consequences


This is our first cooperation with the Youth Protection Department in the province of Styria. We submitted several concepts to a tender and won it by far. The shooting took place on one day in a film studio in Graz for the extra equipment (like the light and the slow motion camera) which had to be rented from Vienna. The finished spot, together with another spot about smoking, ran for several months in Styrian cinemas to draw attention to excessive alcohol consumption (which is widespread in Austria and especially in Styria).

Target Group

Cinema audience in Styria


Nominee for the Green Panther 2017 in the categorie Motion Pictures

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