Worker Pulled into Ground by Quicksand Condition

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Worker Pulled into Ground by Quicksand Condition

Film: Duration in minutes

6:59 minutes


This video describes an incident where a worker was pulled into the ground when a quicksand condition developed at a construction site. Actual photos from the incident investigation along with animation are used re-enact and explain the cause of the incident.


Underground water sources such as aquifers can create instability in the ground at the surface. Before excavating for a construction project it's important to pre-determine subsurface conditions and control sources of  groundwater if found to be present.


As the regulator for occupational health and safety in British Columbia, WorkSafeBC is mandated by legislation to investigate workplace incidents. This video - a documentary slide show narrated by the investigating officer - describes the findings of an incident investigation where a worker was pulled into the ground at a construction site when a quicksand condition developed. Our investigations team determined that this incident could educate workers and employers about this hazard so that similar incidents can be prevented in the future.

Target Group

Employers and workers in the construction industry, health and safety industries

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