Workplace injuries hurt the most at home

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Workplace injuries hurt the most at home

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:60 and :30 minutes


A mom struggles to hear her daughter practice piano, as her hearing declines resulting from a workplace injury.  

A family’s summer fun is cut short by a soft-tissue injury in the home-care sector.


And a father isn’t coming home for dinner, as his family copes with the aftermath of a workplace fatality.

These are the stories in an awareness campaign that began airing across Atlantic Canada October 1, 2018 developed in partnership by all four Atlantic Canadian workers’ compensation organizations and the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

The organizations have been working in partnership on awareness marketing for the past 10 years. This new campaign aims to increase awareness about the impact of workplace injury, and the importance of its prevention.

Some 15,000 Atlantic Canadians suffer time-loss injuries at work every year.


A workplace injury has a ripple effect that impacts you, your family and friends and so many more. But it doesn't have to.


Although all of Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC) jurisdictions share a positive working relationship, and often share materials among one another, the co-production element of the Atlantic Partnership is a bright spot in Canadian inter-jurisdictional cooperation, and the creation of simpler, cost-effective ways of doing things between jurisdictions.

All ads were filmed in and around the Halifax area during the summer of 2018.

The commercials run on television throughout the year during times when viewers can appreciate the emotional connection between doing the things they enjoy and workplace safety.  

Threads of Life, Canada’s national organization for workplace family tragedy support, is also a partner in the campaign. Threads of Life exists to support people who have suffered a workplace tragedy, and some of those courageous family members provided input on the television commercials.

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workers and employers of Atlantic Canada


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