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Motor vehicle safety - Saskatchewan Roughrider Dan Clark's story

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5 minutes 21 seconds minutes


Strategic objectives:

The strategic objectives were:

  1. To create awareness about  the high number of work-related motor vehicle collisions in Saskatchewan. Call to action to drive safe.
  2. Educate the public around some of the key causes of motor vehicle collisions.


The campaign ran from Nov. 11 – Dec. 12, 2019

Duration: four weeks

The primary focus of our strategy for this campaign was using veteran, Saskatchewan Roughrider player, Dan Clark. The Saskatchewan Roughriders are the pride of Saskatchewan and are loved by all ages. Dan is active in the community and does speaking events throughout the province. While on one of his speaking engagements for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, he was involved in a serious roll-over on a rural gravel road.

The campaign was launched just prior to the Saskatchewan Roughriders playing in the Canadian Football League's western final game. This was done to leverage awareness for the campaign and our safety message with an audience that was actively watching all things related to the Saskatchewan Roughriders at the time. We believe this is reflective in the stats shown below.


Paid and organic social media


  • Impressions = 817,650
  • Number of clicks to our Motor Vehicle Safety (MVC) landing page = 8,960
  • Number of conversions (views of video or PDF download) = 732 (717 were the video)

Organic social media

  • Unique page views – 1,324
  • Bounce rate – 25.48%
  • Number of shares: 196
  • Number of reactions: 546
  • Number of comments: 61

Bell Media - Behavioural targeted  and Run of Network (RON) ads

Behavioural ad impressions: 749,000

  • Clicks through to video: 1,262

Cost-per-click ads on Bell network ads; impressions: 2,550,619

  • Clicks through to video: 4,175

Bell RON impressions: 104,118

  • Clicks through to video: 327


Radio was run on five of the top Saskatchewan radio stations reaching the majority of the Saskatchewan population. The 30-second ads were run from Nov. 13 - Dec. 12, 2019 at a minimum of 25 spots per day.


The key messages for the motor vehicle collisions campaign were:

  • Be smart, drive safe.
  • In 2018, there were 636 vehicle collisions resulting in serious injuries or fatalities in Saskatchewan.
  • Driving on gravel is three times more likely to cause a fatal or injury-causing collision.
  • Men are one and half time more likely to be in a fatal or injury-causing collision.


The number one cause of trauma-related fatalities was motor vehicle-related incidents, which represented 16.67 per cent of all 2018 fatalities. In 2018, there were eight fatalities related to incidents in involving motor vehicles, compared to five in 2017.

In 2018, WorkSafe Saskatchewan, which is a partnership between the Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) and the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, discovered new opportunities to integrate WCB motor vehicle crash information with other data sets by signing a data-sharing agreement with Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI). This agreement helped determine the causes of motor vehicle crashes.

The top statistics our marketing focused on were:

  • Motor vehicle crashes are the second leading cause of workplace deaths in the province. (WCB)
  • 636 vehicle collisions resulted in serious injuries or fatalities in our province. (WCB)
  • Driving on gravel is 3X more likely to cause a fatal or injury-causing collision. (SGI)
  • Men are 1.5X more likely to be in a fatal or injury-causing collision. (SGI)

Target Group

Primary audience is males aged 18-54


Vehicle safety


Safety and health

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