Zero Harm Culture @ Siemens - Sicherheit aus Überzeugung

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Zero Harm Culture @ Siemens - Safety, it's a mindset.

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02:03 minutes


Animation film on our corporate program Zero Harm Culture @ Siemens


Zero accidents are possible if everyone makes their contribution.


Siemens takes its social responsibility for occupational health and safety very seriously. Safety begins with those responsible. But it can only become a living culture if every individual makes his or her own contribution. With our company-wide Zero Harm Culture @ Siemens program, we're pursuing the goal of raising awareness of occupational health and safety and improving healthy and safe behavior over the long term. Safety must become part of the attitude of every single employee! That's why our safety program focuses on an active occupational safety culture and not just the application of purely technical protective measures.

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Siemens employees

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