11th International Media Festival for Prevention – Winners announced

TORONTO (22 September 2021) – The winners of the 11th International Media Festival for Prevention were announced on 22 September 2021 during the IMFP Special media Session at the virtual XXII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work.

The International Media Festival for Prevention received a record number of 289 entries from 40 countries and 18 of them were nominated for a prize by the international IMFP Jury, formed by media and prevention experts.

Martina Hesse-Spötter, President of the ISSA Section for Electricity, one of the organizers, and session moderator, Chris Brow, hosted the Special Media Session. The live interviews with both Jury Presidents, Donna Van Bogaert and Peter Rimmer, and the remote participation of all 18 nominees made this a very special session.

Martina Hesse-Spötter and Chris Brow took the audience for a journey around the world by presenting each group of nominees and announcing the winners. Although all 18 nominees were only remotely present, the excitement and joy of the six winners echoed throughout the studio and surely in all parts of the world where this session was being broadcasted.

Winners of the 11th International media Festival for Prevention

Here are the six winners of the 11th International Media Festival for Prevention:


Day of Mourning -  WSIB, Canada

This Canadian film shares stories of real people who have died from work-related injuries and illnesses.  


SIFAR – Social Security Organization, Malaysia

“SIFAR” or “ZERO” in English is a music video that tells the true story of a teenager, who is caught between furthering his studies or helping his family, after an accident left his father paralysed.

The music video was produced to promote a film and at the same time to illustrate the Vision Zero 7 Golden Rules.


Don't be wild Raben Group, Poland

­­This computer-based training offers a course in the form of 10 thematic animations that show selected principles of safe behaviour on roads and manoeuvring yards, that can affect the safety of all road users.


It's good to be alive, as long as nothing bad happens – SUVA, Switzerland

A forestry worker being almost killed by a tree, an engineer being almost killed by a powerful robot arm: With impressively staged images this video shows dangerous work situations in which no one comes to harm – but only by chance!


Killer on the loose – A dropped object prevention video from NLG – Never Let Go, Great Britain

This cinema-like drama focuses on dropped objects and tools as the third biggest workplace killer.

Once an object drops from an edge or from a worker’s belt, the gravity can turn it into a deadly projectile. A dramatic voice-over describes the incident and urges other workers to be aware of the risks of dropped objects.


Level Up 2.0, SAFE Work Manitoba, Canada

“Level Up 2.0” is a virtual reality tool, which encourages new employees or supervisors to learn more about safety in the workplace.

On the one hand, this tool shows how identified hazards could have caused harm, and, on the other hand, it focuses on hazards that have been overlooked, showing how to deal with them in order to make the workplace safer.


The next International Media Festival for Prevention

The 12th International Media Festival for Prevention will take pace in Australia in 2023. Stay tunes and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for the latest news.



Since 1990, the Festival has been organized by the ISSA Section for Electricity, Gas and Water. It takes place every three years in the framework of the World Congress for Safety and Health at Work. Since 1999, the ISSA Section on Information is a co-organizer of the Festival.


Viewing films on occupational safety

All 289 entries for the International Media Festival on Prevention 2021 are available at www.mediainprevention.org

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