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Submission criteria

We welcome media on safety and health at work produced from January 2019*. The production can be from national and international organizations, enterprises and institutions, as well as from agencies and film makers, students and individuals.

Media that can be submitted to the IMFP includes:

  • Films
  • Documentary
  • Animation films
  • Music videos
  • Short films
  • Vlogs
  • TV spots
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Web-based training
  • E-learning tools
  • Social media
  • Games
  • Interactive/Innovative tools

We do not accept images, posters, e-books (not interactive) or abstracts. Please note that the XXIII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work will have a poster competition, where you can submit your posters or images. You can also submit abstracts to the World Congress. (Call for abstracts deadline: 30 November 2022).

To participate in the Media Festival you should take into account that the international jury will evaluate the following:

  • if your contribution fits the topic of safety and health
  • the effectiveness of the message
  • if the contribution reaches the target groups
  • how the subject has been treated
  • the overall impression of the production.

There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit or the length of your productions.

Technical criteria:

Films must be uploaded in one of the following formats: ".mp4", ".mov", “.webM” or “.ogv".

For websites and social media available through the public web you will be asked to provide a link.

For apps, web-based training, e-learning tools, games and interactive tools, or any products that are not accessible through the public web, participants are asked to upload a product demonstration video together with their application. If you do not have such a video, you can record it yourself following the recommendations below:

The video should be submitted as a .mov or .mp4 file. The video should be no longer than three minutes and should contain the following information: company or organization identification/logo, type of product (app, web training, etc), purpose of the product, 3-5 key features, and a demonstration of how the product is used. All voice and text explanation should be in English. The video does not have to be a professional production. The purpose of the video is to help jury members understand and evaluate your proposal by providing them with easy access and summary information about how your multimedia product works. The quality of your demo is not being judged.

Click here to watch an example of a demo video. You can also find helpful information on how to record your demo video here.


The official languages of the World Congress are English, French, Spanish and German. Please use one of the official languages in completing your entry form. However, media productions will be accepted in any other language.


Your submission can be nominated for an award. An International Jury will come together to determine the award winners of the Media Festival. The awards will be made in the presence of a large audience in the Special Media Session at the XXIII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in Sydney, Australia.

Closing Date:

The closing date for submitting your entries is 31 March 2023. Stay tuned!


*Note: media products that have been submitted to the IMFP 2021 will not be accepted.