Златна Панега Цимент АД - еталон за здраве и безопасност

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Zlatna Panega Cement AD - Standard for health and safety

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22:34 minutos


We are presenting our health and safety policy and vision and all the actions we took to make it reality not only words. We are showing and describing our best health and safety practises and actions, some of which were developed with the help of DuPont Health and Safety Institute. We are also introducing our personal experience to show that zero accidents is not only possible but also can be achieved with the commitment of everyone in the organization. The proof of this is that in December 2013 we have reached 4 years without LTI.

Mensaje del medio

Achieving ZERO lost time injuries through continuous effors. We aim to advertise our best health and safety practises.


To distribute our best health and safety practises to a wider audience in Bulgaria and internationally. The visualisation of our policies and practises could be grasped easier by the audience.

Público objetivo

Industry in general, H&S officers, managers, stakeholders

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Titan Zlatna Panega Cement
Shipka-st.2, Bulgaria-5760 Zlatna Panega
+359(0)28820350+359(0)28820479 http://www.titan.bg

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