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Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz, Gefahrensituationen: Falsch - Richtig («Slideshow»)

Título traducido al inglés

Occupational Safety and health, hazardous situations: wrong – correct (“Slideshow”)

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Descripción del producto

All hazardous situation (currently 60) of the branches "construction", "industry/trade" and "services" are documented with two images:Correct-Incorrect. Each situation allows to add spoken information or texts. In addition, an I-button (information button) facilitates to view, hear, process, print or download pre-selected documents - according to the hazardous situation- or media or films or learning programms (web based training) via links from the internet as well as instructions or comments.

Objetivos y metas

The target is to communicate fundamental occupational safety rules in a simple and comprehensible manner. As electronic prevention instrument it is better suited to reach the target groups as printed documents and in addition offers more opportunities to use. The "Slideshow" is available as DVD or can be downloaded from the website of the EKAS free of charge. At the core of the new instrument are illustrated danger situations which are presented as correct-incorrect. Different options exist (see background information)

The background for the decision to develop the slideshow "Hazardous situations" was to provide a simple, individual, instructive, multilingual, modular and expandable information and prevention tool in new shape for as many different users. Regarding the content, however, proven and existing contents were retrained. Only with the instrument "Multimedia" the objective could be achieved. There are different possibilities of using. A first application possibility is that the risk situations are viewed and studied in a slideshow (i.e. images of dangerous situations with or without sound, with or without text, with or without arrow which marks the hazard). A second possible application is to interactively use the slideshow by retrieving information in the additional short graphic itself or via the information button. This option allows to view, hear or work on, print or download -situationally for each hazard- already selected documents and media via links, for example, text, images, movies, tutorials (WBT), guidance documents or comments, etc. directly from the internet. (Note: In contrast to the online version the range of functions of the DVD is limited.) The various possibilities of using the product/applications provide information and teaching aids for trainees / students and professional people. Professionals or teachers have quick access to information or fundamental and deepened knowledge in the field of occupational safety and health. The "Slideshow" hazardous situations can be used with benefit by enterprises and schools of all kind and may also be used for self-study. In addition, a "Slideshow" info - film was developed, which explains the hazarous situations in the slideshow in a few minutes.

Público objetivo

Employees, apprentices, pupils, students, lecturers, HR-experts, management, professionals in occupational safety and health protection, etc., enterprises, apprenticeship, temporary employment agency, government departments, schools of every kind: primary

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Eidgenössische Koordinationskommission für Arbeitssicherheit EKAS
Fluhmattstrasse1, Switzerland-CH-6002 Luzern

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FBIS, Herr Frank Blechschmitt
Von Werdt-Passage5, Switzerland-CH-3011 Bern