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Película: Duración en minutos

1 minutos

Descripción del producto

A short 1 min animated movie showing a workplace were production and products means everything, no matter the cost.

Objetivos y metas

It's one of four short films which are ment to be apertisers upon a discussion of what kind of OHS-state the participant own workplace have, and where they want to be. This one "Casino" is symbolising Companies where the demands of products and focus of production does that no one pay attention to the condition of the working enviroment OHS. The end comment is: "Taking care of one another and the OHS pays off".

We produced the four films due to a wish for being able to put different state of cultures in Companies in a context with oneanother so taht there could be a paltform for a discussion of wich one to prefer and to pinpoint what state each participant would put his/her workplace. The film should also be able to help guide the spectators to choose the "right" kind of workplace to be.

Público objetivo

Teachers WHO introduct OHS matters to members of the Companies OHS-board/groups

Datos de contacto del editor

Danish OHS-committee for the Industrial Sector /co CO-industri
Vestere Soegade12, 2., Denmark-1790 Copenhagen

Datos de contacto del empresa productora

hvorfor ikk - digital studio
Studiestræde21A, 3. floor, Denmark-1455 K Copenhagen